Understanding Chords

taught by Christopher Richter
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Christopher Richter
Christopher Richter
Music Mentor | Musician | Producer

About the instructor

Christopher Richter is a music mentor, inspiring, motivating and launching the careers of aspiring singer songwriters and musicians from rural Australia. Christopher has a passion for people to achieve their ‘firsts’, first song on the radio, first single, first sale on iTunes and first time someone bought their CD. With over 20 years experience in the music industry, Chris has worked with artists from releasing their songs, recording their EP and moving on to recording contracts, performing at major Australian festivals, touring and starting their own music businesses.

Christopher writes, arranges and record his own instrumental music playing drums, percussion, bass guitar, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars as well as arranging strings and brass sections.

Christopher taught music full time as a private music teacher for over 7 years and has performed 1000's of gigs over the last 25 years accross Australia and soon to tour Germany in 2017.

The Songwriting Series ‘Understanding Chords’ will give you an understanding of how music is structured. It is a guide to how contemporary music is formed in a way that makes songwriting easier, faster and more intuitive.

Understanding Chords will help you discover, in a straight forward and concise manner, how you can create your own music to support your lyrics.

Developed by Chris Richter, with over 7 years of one on one music teaching experience and over 20 years of performance experience, you will discover how easy it is to create your own music.

Course Contents

25 Videos
2 PDFs